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Vietnam is one of my favourite countries to visit. From my first few days in the country, I was absolutely hooked! There are so many beautiful places in Vietnam, amazing things to lớn see và do, not the mention the delicious food và the epic coffee (make sure you try it iced!).

It’s been a little while since I visited, và I’d love khổng lồ go back khổng lồ Vietnam, so I asked my fellow travel bloggers lớn tell me what they think the most beautiful places in Vietnam are to lớn see what awesome places I haven’t yet been to.

And here’s what they think should be on your Vietnam bucket list!

Mai Chau

By Elizabeth from Compass và Fork

Beautiful green rice fields dominate the Mai Chau valley in Vietnam. With a little elevation, the heat và humidity which can zap your energy in Vietnam is not as oppressive in this lush, picture postcard perfect valley.

About 4 hours’ drive southwest of Hanoi, the Mai Chau valley provides a perfect way lớn experience rural Vietnam. There are a few hotels available in the valley or homestays with a local village family are popular in the area. Many of the local villagers have thai heritage and the wooden homes are built on stilts.

Biking & hiking are popular activities for visitors, but the real attraction of Mai Chau is the scenery & a chance khổng lồ relax & enjoy a bit of nature especially if you have been in the hustle & bustle of Hanoi.


Phu Quoc Island

By Lotte from Phenomenal Globe

Phu Quoc is the largest island of Vietnam, however, surprisingly enough it’s actually located just 15 kilometers off the coast of Cambodia. When I visited this lovely little island back in năm ngoái it was still unspoiled, with beautiful beaches, little villages, & red dirt roads.

I rented a scooter và explored the island for three days. I drove the Southern, Western và Eastern loop, which were all beautiful & showed me a different side of the island. In Duong Dong you’ll find lots of restaurants and accommodation, but also the night market which is fun khổng lồ visit.

The Northeast of the Island is where you can find Phu Quoc National Park, a dense jungle with tropical trees và monkeys (if you are lucky!). In the South, you can find famous Sao beach, with crystal trắng sand & a beautiful blue ocean. Altogether Phu Quoc is a wonderful place lớn spend a couple of days!


Hoi An

By Kathy Marris of 50 Shades of Age

Out of all of the South East Asian cities or towns that I have visited, there is nowhere prettier than Hoi An Old Town & An Bang Beach. Although the town & beach are a mere 6 kilometres away from each other, if you stay at one or the other you get the best of both worlds – a beautiful stretch of trắng sandy beach và a world heritage-listed ancient town that exudes charm và grace.

Strolling around Hoi An Old Town is an absolute delight. The streets are blocked off lớn cars & motorbikes, but you bởi need lớn watch out for cyclists and rickshaws. There are striking bougainvillea vines draped off historical buildings and ferny leafed trees that provide a little shade as you walk along the streets.

Hoi An’s historical buildings reflect a fusion of indigenous and foreign cultures (principally Chinese và Japanese with later European influences). Most of the old wooden buildings now house shops selling everything from silk fabrics, brightly coloured paper lanterns, artworks khổng lồ souvenirs.

Once the sun sets the streets of Hoi An take on a whole different look. Paper lanterns light up the streets & reflect off the river transforming the town into a shimmering wonderland lượt thích you’re in some sort of fairytale.


Halong Bay

By Jessica from Independent Travel Cats

Halong cất cánh is definitely one of the most beautiful places in Vietnam known for its emerald colored waters, hundreds of vegetation-topped limestone islands, & numerous caves. It is a UNESCO World Heritage site và one of the most popular tourist attractions in northern Vietnam. In addition khổng lồ the scenery, the area offers kayaking, SCUBA diving, hiking, biking, và other outdoor activities. One popular hiking area is mèo Bà National Park on cát Bà island.

Halong cất cánh is located about 3.5 hours from Hanoi & most people choose khổng lồ visit Halong bay by taking a tour, shuttle, or taxi khổng lồ Halong Bay, và then exploring the bay by cruise. Cruises range from a few hours khổng lồ a few days in length. We ourselves took a 3 day Halong cất cánh cruise & we definitely recommend taking a longer cruise to have more time lớn relax và see more of the scenery offered in both Halong Bay & nearby areas.


Mekong Delta

The Mekong Delta is located in the south of Vietnam and is a warren of rivers, rice fields, và floating markets. Much of the transportation in the area takes place on boats. It’s easily accessible as a day trip from Ho đưa ra Minh City, but staying overnight will give you more of a taste for the “rice bowl” of Vietnam và all it has to offer.

Bustling towns contrast with the calmness of floating down the rivers that maze across the lush green landscape. Take a boat trip khổng lồ the working floating markets & see floating & stifled houses. Life in the Mekong revolves around the waterways. Don’t forget to try a freshly cut coconut!



By Owen of My Turn to lớn Travel

Located in Lao Cai Province, Sapa has been hailed as one of the best trekking spots in Southeast Asia. It is trang chủ to five main ethnic groups – the H’mong, Dao, Tay, Giay và Xa Pho. Homestays with the tribes have been a popular choice for travelers, as you get lớn understand the culture of each tribe and trudge through the iconic rice paddies with an amazing mountainous view at the same time.

During the homestay, the H’mong tribe will whip up a delicious trang chủ cooked feast, and share life experiences over bottles of ‘happy water’, allowing you to lớn immerse into the local culture almost immediately. A choice of a 3-day, 2-night tour may bring you lớn Ban Ho village where you stay with the Tay tribe – which exposes you to lớn a completely different experience relative khổng lồ the earlier homestay.

Hiking past villages và a wide array of farm animals, you will be rewarded with a scenic view of green rice paddies at Ban Ho village where the skies are clearer at a lower altitude.


Nha Trang

By Round the World Guys

Visiting large cities in Vietnam can be a bit overwhelming until you get used khổng lồ them. You may need even a getaway from the hectic pace.

One good escape is the town of Nha Trang, located in the middle of the country on the coast. It’s well-known for having some of the best “beach culture” in the country và is also a diving destination for scuba divers looking for decent diving in Vietnam. Years of poverty và wars have turned the once pristine Vietnam coastline into somewhat of a less-desirable diver destination. However, there are still plenty of places to dive in Nha Trang, where enthusiasts will find everything from small critters to lớn turtles and cuttlefish.

Not a beach person? Head out khổng lồ see some of Nha Trang’s historical sites, lượt thích the famous Big Buddha. Immerse yourself in the cultural experience and take a Vietnamese cooking class at Lanterns Restaurant. You’ll cook great food and visit a busy market the locals use – all while learning more about Vietnam’s daily life.



By Michael from Time Travel Turtle

Hanoi, Vietnam’s capital city, has been used over the centuries as the centre of nguồn for both local và foreign rulers. For almost 800 years, until 1802, Vietnamese dynasties ruled from here. Between 1883 và 1945, the French used it as the de facto capital of French Indochina It means that today you’ll find a đô thị where Asian và European influences blend together with historical sites, cultural centres, & modern national monuments lớn create a beautiful urban landscape.

The prettiest parts of Hanoi are around Hoan Kiem Lake. To the north is the Old Quarter where markets take over the streets, lanterns hang between trees, và decorations cover the wooden balconies.

In the French Quarter khổng lồ the southeast of the lake, you’ll find wide facades with balconies surrounded by wrought ironwork, impressive government buildings painted with pastel yellows, và even French-style cafes.

With green parks, lots of lakes, và the large Red River cutting through the city, there’s also plenty of nature to lớn give this chaotic Vietnamese thành phố a calmer atmosphere than you might expect!


Mui Ne

This beach resort is located within an easy travelling distance of Ho chi Minh City, making it a popular choice for a weekend getaway or for travellers taking a coastal route on their Vietnam trip. Mid-range resorts are spread along the beachfront, with a few cheaper guest houses also available. Mui Ne is the perfect destination for adventure-seekers, as it has world-class windsurfing conditions throughout the dry season from October to lớn April.

The sand dunes in Mui Ne are also a uniquely beautiful destination in Vietnam, giving the appearance of a desert, with both white và red dunes nearby. Tours include options khổng lồ ride across the sand dunes in an ATV or to try sandboarding down them.


Son Tra Peninsula

Located near domain authority Nang, the Son Tra Peninsula is one of the most beautiful places in Vietnam. It has escaped the development of other coastal areas after being named a natural reserve in 1997, making it a beautiful scenic trip from nearby resorts.

Motorbike is the best way lớn see the Son Tra Peninsula, as the roads are narrow but can also be very steep, so good brakes and some nguồn are a must! There are plenty of sites to stop và see, including the Linh Ung Pagoda, a 1000-year-old Giant Banyan Tree, and Monkey Passage with its stunning views.

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There’s too much to see in one day, so if you vì want to stay over then you would need khổng lồ stay in one of the two resorts at the beginning of the peninsula.


Ha Giang Province

By Emily Lush of Wander-Lush

Located in far-northern Vietnam, northeast of Sapa along the Chinese border, Ha Giang Province is the country’s ‘final frontier’. It was the last part of Vietnam to mở cửa up lớn tourism, và foreign visitors still require a special permit to enter the border zone. Isolated and rugged, Ha Giang offers some of the most magnificent mountain scenery in the region.

Motorcycling is the transport mode of choice in Ha Giang—beloved by young Vietnamese và growing in popularity among backpackers. Most travel by the Dong Van Loop, a 350km circular road that leads you through Ha Giang’s precarious rice terraces, lush valleys, limestone karst plateaus and deep gorges. Heaven’s Gate & the Ma Pi Leng Pass are two of the most picturesque areas. It’s also possible to vày the Loop by car or explore Ha Giang on foot by trekking between ethnic Tay, Dao and Flower Hmong villages.


Con Dao Islands

By Shweta from Zest in a Tote

A 45-minute flight away from Ho đưa ra Minh city lie the pristine islands of nhỏ Dao. Think green forests, sandy beaches và secluded bays, and a good variety of coral reefs & marine life in Vietnam Sea that will make snorkelling or diving worthwhile. These islands have a violent history, they were used as a prison for thousands during the French rule in the mid-20th century, but now they are protected as a national park.

Con Son is the largest island in the chain with an airport, where we spent 4 blissful days, lying on the beach, having a thrilling time on mountain bikes exploring the stunning views, diving near the coast to lớn see all the colourful corals & fish và taking it slow. I had an amazing experience at the Luxury beach resort – Six Senses, bé Dao.


Ninh Binh

By Mary of Move to Vietnam

Vietnam is already known for its world-class cuisine, those who are foreign to this country probably don’t know yet that this place is also a must-visit destination. After living & travelling on and off in Vietnam for the past three years, I’ve come lớn the conclusion that my favourite place here is Ninh Binh.

Ninh Binh offers a lot of things khổng lồ everyone who decides to lớn travel here or move here. The beauty of Ha Long bay can still be appreciated from this part of the country, all you have to vì chưng is go lớn Trang An which also known as the Ha Long cất cánh by land.

Ninh Binh is also famous for all the beautiful caves you will come across too. Are you also a nature lover? Hiking in a very natural environment is definitely an option without going too far out of the city. Ninh Binh also let you travel the North of Vietnam & all the way to the South with not much of a hassle!


Trang An

By Stephanie of Sofia Adventures

Located in Vietnam’s Red River Delta, Trang An is known as the “Ha Long cất cánh on Land.” Protected by UNESCO as the “Trang An Landscape Complex,” it is a stunning area of limestone karst peaks, similar khổng lồ what you see at Ha Long Bay.

A boat ride through the grottos is magical. You paddle through caves và emerge in gorgeous pockets of limestone peaks along with Confucian temples, apple fields, and even an old movie set. Music flows over the water, echoing against the rocks, giving the air an extra bit of enchantment.

There are three different options for boat rides. Option 1 is the longest và takes about two and a half hours. At the end of the ride, I felt like I could have kept going. The landscape is just so beautiful, it was hard lớn make myself leave. Afterward, I went to lớn the open-air market across the street and grabbed a delicious and inexpensive lunch with my new found friends.

I hired a private car from Hanoi & went on as a day trip. However, you can also stay overnight in the area, as there are many other lovely places to visit if you have more time.


Quy Nhon

Quy Nhon is a coastal thành phố located almost exactly halfway between Hoi An and Nha Trang, although it is often overlooked as travellers pass between the two. The lack of heavy traffic and industry makes the đô thị feel much smaller than it is, và it’s relatively undiscovered on the tourist trail, so offers a more authentic Vietnamese experience.

The beautiful boulevards & coastline are popular with Vietnamese retirees who want khổng lồ enjoy the coastal life. Travellers will be able to enjoy the fresh seafood dishes in many of the restaurants, and the recent emergence of more cafes & bars that are giving the đô thị a more cosmopolitan feel.

While the beach và sea at Quy Nhon are unfortunately affected by some pollution, the beaches in the surrounding villages are much more pristine, & nearby Bai Xep is a popular place khổng lồ stay for travellers.


Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park – Hang Son Doong

By Mike of Live Travel Teach

People often ask me “where is the most amazing place I’ve ever visited” và my answer is always Hang Son Doong, the world’s largest cave! This magical destination is tucked away in the Vietnamese jungles of Phong Nha và was only discovered at the turn of the millennium which makes it that much more remarkable. The massive cave takes about a week of jungle trekking to lớn fully explore và can only be seen on one of Oxalis’ exclusive tours. These pristine landscapes are quite literally untouched by human hands & they found a number of new species crawling through the caverns.

Words barely describe all the geological marvels that await inside of Hang Son Doong with enormous stalactites, cave shields, cave pearls and more throughout the cavern. You’ll be tempted khổng lồ swim in all the wonderful cave pools and although they won’t let you in ALL of them these natural springs are the only place for a jungle bath in this week-long adventure. Two dolines have created lush jungles that fill a number of chambers with unexpected greenery và even create an ecosystem where you might get rained on inside of the cave!


Ho bỏ ra Minh thành phố (Saigon)

By Claudia from My Adventures Across the World

Vibrant, full of life, fashionable, chaotic yet incredibly beautiful, Saigon is one of the most interesting places khổng lồ visit in Vietnam. It’s the kind of thành phố that one either love or hates at first sight, & most kết thúc up loving it.

What makes Saigon a must when traveling lớn Vietnam is the fabulous mixture of modern & ancient sites, all next khổng lồ each other. Aside from the temples scattered around town, the đô thị is packed with examples of French colonial architecture: the theater; the Notre Dame cathedral; the Central Post Office are only a few.

One of the most interesting places to lớn visit is the War Remnants Museum, to lớn learn more about the American War that had such a strong impact on the history and life of the country.

Last but not least, what makes Saigon a must is the incredible food scene – restaurants & street food offer great meals at unbeatable prices; & the fantastic nightlife.


Da Lat

The temperate climate of da Lat made it a popular French resort in the early 1900s, as people would seek an escape from the heat of the south. The đô thị gained the name of “The Eternal Spring” and still retains many of the French colonial villas built then, giving it a different feel to many of the other cities in Vietnam. Surrounded by coffee plantations, flowers and fruit orchards rather than the traditional rice fields adds to its charm.

It has been a popular destination for Vietnamese honeymooners và couples looking for a romantic break but has also become an adventure capital of late, with hill walking, canyoning, white water rafting and mountain biking all available in the surrounding areas.


Lak Lake

In the middle of the Central Highlands of Vietnam is the serene Lak Lake. Surrounded by rice fields, rolling hills & minority villages, it’s a relatively undeveloped area but a beautiful one to visit.

The local tourism office can help you to lớn organise a boat trip on Lak Lake, the largest freshwater lake in the area, or a homestay with a local family if you’d lượt thích to stay overnight. You’ll also notice many of the houses have a phone number outside that you can gọi to speak to someone in English & help organise a stay with the family or you can try the Lak Lake Resort for a standard hotel.

Easily reachable from both domain authority Lat và Buon Ma Thuot, the drive lớn the lake either way is worth the trip!



Hue was the capital of Vietnam from 1802 to 1945, và was once trang chủ of the Nguyen Dynasty emperors. The city still has an imperial feel, with a sprawling Citadel complex being one of the main attractions to see. There are also several impressive gates, imperial tombs và temples.

The Thien Mu Pagoda overlooks the Perfume River & is another beautiful place to lớn visit in the city. Although a complex has been there since the 1600s, many of the buildings have been destroyed và restored over time. Visit earlier in the morning to lớn avoid the crowds!


My Son

My Son is the site where a quality culture based on Indian Hinduism existed from the 4th khổng lồ 13th centuries. The kings of Champa constructed an elaborate collection of temples that are unfortunately mostly in ruins after carpet bombing during the war. Despite this, it’s still a stunning site surrounded by lush jungle and streams. It’s a peaceful spot and is now recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

It can be easily reached from Hoi An by motorcycle.

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Reading all of these brought back so many amazing memories of my time in Vietnam, & I really can’t wait to lớn go again one day! If you’re hesitating on visiting Vietnam, DON’T, add it into your South East Asia itinerary và you won’t regret it.