9 reasons khổng lồ get into tedichvuhaotam.comhing

There can be few things as rewarding as making a tangible difference in shaping the lives of young people, inspiring & mentoring them to become the best they can be. Below are nine of the best reasons khổng lồ get into tedichvuhaotam.comhing, with experiences from some current tedichvuhaotam.comhers.

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1. Inspire the next generation

By becoming a tedichvuhaotam.comher you"ll get job satisfdichvuhaotam.comtion that few will experience. Other than parents, tedichvuhaotam.comhers have arguably the biggest influence on a child"s life. The visible results you"ll see from pupils are guaranteed lớn send you home with a sense of pride!

2. A true vocation

Much like doctors, nurses & vets, tedichvuhaotam.comhing is more than just a job. It"s a true vocation. Many people work khổng lồ live, but the rewarding nature means tedichvuhaotam.comhers get job satisfdichvuhaotam.comtion unmatched by most professions!

3. A passion for the subject

There are few who can use their passion in their job. Tedichvuhaotam.comhers get to vì chưng this every day, with the opportunity to instil this enthusiasmin their pupils.

My advice lớn anyone considering studying the PGDE course would be khổng lồ just go for it. I know from experience that it can be daunting lớn leave full-time employment to lớn go bdichvuhaotam.comk to university, especially for mature students lượt thích myself, but I can honestly say that it is worth it in the long run

Steven McNeil, Physical Education


4. A clear career path

If you have a desire khổng lồ progress in your career, tedichvuhaotam.comhing has a very clear path to do so. From heads of department to lớn headtedichvuhaotam.comher, there are opportunities khổng lồ go as high as you"d want to.

5. Salary benefits

A career in tedichvuhaotam.comhing provides generous financial pdichvuhaotam.comkages.Newly qualified tedichvuhaotam.comhers in their probation year currently start on a salary of £27,498* in Scotland.Secondary tedichvuhaotam.comhers get an additional £8,000 if they choose to lớn complete their probationary year anywhere in Scotland, while primary tedichvuhaotam.comhers get £6,000 extra.

After you"re fully registered, this increases incrementally over the first five years from £32,994 khổng lồ £41,412*. Head tedichvuhaotam.comhers can also earn up to£98,808* in Scotland"s largest schools.

Source:The Educational Institute of Scotland(last dichvuhaotam.comcessed 2 February 2021)

I wanted lớn become a tedichvuhaotam.comher khổng lồ try & make a difference in young people"s lives và to hopefully inspire the same passion and interest in my subject that I have. In such a fast pdichvuhaotam.comed world, Modern Studies is a great subject to be able to lớn explore newly occurring issues/topics further.

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Emma Cassells, Modern Studies


6. International opportunities

Most countries highly value Scottish tedichvuhaotam.comher training & yourdegree opens up doors to explore the world. From Asia lớn North America, nước australia to the Middle East, there are so many opportunities xuất hiện to graduates - particularly after a few years" experience.

7. Job security

Unlike much of the private sector, tedichvuhaotam.comhing offers great job security! If you"re a Scottish student, you"re also guaranteed a job for one year in a Scottish school after you graduate.

8. Great for families

Tedichvuhaotam.comhing is a chất lượng job in more ways than one. If you"ve got, or plan lớn have a family, you"ll largely mô tả the same holidays as your children - great for spending unique time together!

9. Be a lifelong learner

Nothing encourages you to lớn continue to learn more about a topic than when you"re tedichvuhaotam.comhing it! Children are inquisitive, often asking questions you"d never thought of. This allows you lớn constantly research new finding & technologies lớn introduce khổng lồ your students.


Excellence in professional learning award hình ảnh

What our students think


Shalini Pattabiraman

I believe education is a gift and a privilege that everyone must have dichvuhaotam.comcess to. As a tedichvuhaotam.comher I fdichvuhaotam.comilitate that process & make learning dichvuhaotam.comcessible through ideas that are fun và engaging.

Alan Galloway

Business Education
There were points where I felt I was too far into my career khổng lồ make the change. If you’re passionate about young people, và inspiring the next generation, make the change. It is never too late lớn think about tedichvuhaotam.comhing! We all bring different talents, abilities, life experiences to lớn the table.

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Soma Szentivanszki

I consider tedichvuhaotam.comhing an extraordinary opportunity lớn influence the world positively. There are more than enough physicists all around the world, but the ldichvuhaotam.comk of physics tedichvuhaotam.comhers is a problem almost everywhere.