Talk About Your Favourite Subject, Ielts / Duolingo English Test

Describe A Place in your Country or Part of Your Country that You Would lượt thích to Recommend khổng lồ Visitors/Travelers
Describe A Place in your Country or Part of Your Country that You Would like to Recommend to lớn Visitors/Travelers. Introduction . Tourism is a popular leisure activity & today with excellent infrastructure of roads,rail,and air people do not miss any place to lớn visit. Infact international tourism has also seen a remarkable surge. In my country there are mountains,hill stations, beaches,adventure parks,rivers, historical sites và these places are popular worldwide. People from all around the globe come here to experience the diversity of my country. What it is.Where it is. Here I am going lớn talk about a wonderful tourist spot in my country Goa. It's a small state on the west coast. Goa is a place every Indian wants to visit once in a lifetime.  What people can vì there. This place has many popular beaches where one can sunbathe, vị water sports và many other leisure activities. Goa also has excellent infrastructure in the form of accommodation, entertainment. An
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Describe your favorite subject IELTS CUE CARDS

May 04, 2022
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School is the most wonderful place in a student"s life where they learn various chapters & lessons in different subjects. In the beginning some subjects are difficult to understand and others are interesting. They are so attractive that we pay more attention và remember everything easily. I loved English in my school và did not lượt thích maths as I was weak in calculation.

Main Answer

Here I am going to lớn talk about my favourite subject, English.

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What is the subject it is?

The subject is English & this is the most popular language spoken & written in literature over the world the world communicates in English. Our teachers madam Merry explained everything so interestingly that we waited for that lecture.

When did you start learning it?

I started learning from my early primary days when I learned and byhearted abc then I started making small spelling, words, & sentences, in my higher standards I learnt more about the grammar and linguistics of the language.

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What did you learn?

I learnt so many things in this language the first was poems, then I understood short story và then novels every things in English language was interesting to me I completed my bachelor"s & master"s studying different novels in English from western và Victorian literature,translations, & many other things since my childhood English is my favourite language.