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write a passage to tell about your last summer holiday these questions may help you where did you go? who did you go with ? How long did you stay the

write a passage khổng lồ tell about your last summer holiday these questions may help you where did you go? who did you go with ?How long did you stay there? what did you do there?How were the people/food/weather?How did you feel after the holiday?GIÚP TỚ VỚI Ạ

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Last summer i went to da nang và i went ưith my best friend.We stayed there 3 days & we swam,slept and plyes volleyball and also ate seafood.The people in there is so friendly,smart and funny.The weather also grear và the food is so delicious.I felt so happily cause i have a lots ò beautiful memories

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Last summer vacation, I went khổng lồ visit Ha Long bay with my family. It’s been a long time since I’ve had a comfortable summer vacation like this. In preparation for the trip I have arranged clothes, food & drink … from the day before. The car leaves at 5:30 a.m., and my family has been at the meet up point since five. I thought I had come earlier than before, there were many other families coming first, my dad had a big travel bag in his hand, mom had food bags, and the baby & Mi put on a tiny backpack. Contain some odd things. Along the road from Hanoi to lớn Quang Ninh, in front of her, there is a majestic picture of water. Cars wriggle through the small cliffs and bridges, after more than an hour, the tour group starts to lớn get off the train to visit the caves. From the highest stone arches down khổng lồ the stalactite strips of ice mixed with all the colors of the rainbow, I heard that the most beautiful cave is the wooden head cave. This is a palace with many twisting rooms, just a slight drop of water falling from the stalactites is enough to lớn break the silence.

So all morning, my family and I just toured the cave, people started taking a snapshot of the beautiful scenery here & then hurried lớn the oto to the motel. The whole group got off the bus lớn get their luggage và waited for the team leader to liên hệ the rest room, there were children just about the second grade, the third grade was running around in the flower garden. Particularly for Mi, she was the most naughty & chased you, making her mother remind her constantly, but she did not listen, just liked to lớn play around with her friends. Rub! Why did the team leader liên hệ me for so long, the whole group was going lớn meet, from a distance, the tour guides held the key for each person. In the afternoon, my whole family went to the flower garden khổng lồ take pictures as a souvenir and then up the mountain near the “Thang Long” motel to lớn enjoy the scenery, my mother told the whole family to take photos of the poems in the beautiful weather, & Mi and her baby were taken separately, When taking pictures, it said: – Hey, I’m a bit photogenic! I replied: – Fool! Not sure. Hearing that, he took pictures & said: – Well, the two of you stop quarreling, I see everyone eating pictures

So the two of them were fighting, in the end, each of them had their faces in the picture. After shooting, the whole family went to lớn the market lớn buy shifts & shrimp called male products for summer vacation. Rub! Ha Long Market is busier than Hanoi. At the beginning of the market, a series of stalls selling watermelon, fish, shrimp, meat … were arranged khổng lồ offer customers. But the shrimp và fish booth is the busiest one because most tourists want lớn buy gifts on the occasion of vacation. My mother & I look at the children’s clothes next to lớn the confectionery. There are a lot of people who buy it, especially the parents who buy it for their kids lớn wear. There were two children running around so she was scolded by her mother. When she saw that, she immediately told her to take care of mày so she wouldn’t get lost. At night, the lights are lit everywhere. She và her mother và baby mi go out to eat tea at the restaurant, next lớn the hotel where her family is staying. As for my father, I read the newspaper and watched TV at the rest room. As time passed, the group began lớn leave for Hanoi. The attractiveness of Ha Long cất cánh has made this place all year round as the convergence point of domestic and foreign tourists. Everyone comes here khổng lồ visit, relax, swim … Everyone is delighted, satisfied with the wonderful beauty of the world.