What do you like to do in your spare time? 7 interview answers


How we spend our free time tells a lot about our personality và energy levels. Many interviewers may inquire about your hobbies, or what you enjoy doing when you aren’t working. They try to understand who you are, & what they can expect from you in work. The question can be put in many different ways, for example “Please describe three activities that you most enjoy in your free time“, or “What bởi you enjoy doing on weekends?“, or “What vì chưng you lượt thích to bởi vì outside of work?

At the over of the day though, they are always asking about the same thing, và the 7 sample answers on my danh mục will work for any wording of the question. Below the answers you will find a short analysis of this question, and a few suggestions that should help you formulate your perfect interview answer lớn this question.

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Sample answers lớn “What do you enjoy doing in your leisure time?” interview question

I enjoy going for a walk, or for a hike in the nature. As a market research analyst I spend most of my days in front of a computer, which obviously isn’t the healthiest thing. That’s why I try to minimize the screen time when outside of work, to give my eyes & my back a rest that they deserve. Basically you can say that I enjoy being outside và moving when I am not working.I love khổng lồ read books on human psychology, real stories, & also philosophical novels. First of all I enjoy reading them, but I also believe that they help me to lớn broaden my horizons, và to learn a lot of things which I can use in my work in sales. If nothing else, they help me improve on my vocabulary & communication skills, và also they help my mind relax a bit.To be honest with you, outside of work I simply enjoy lying on a couch, reading a good book, or watching a good movie. In my present employment I bởi a lot of physical work, và typically arrive home tired. I learned lớn listen to my body toàn thân and it demands rest, so I give it to it. On weekends, however, I lượt thích to vì chưng short trips or ride a motorbike in the countryside.Leisure time? I bởi vì not really have any, khổng lồ be honest. My kids are still small, và once I come back from work I try to lớn be with them as much as I can. They demand attention, và I try lớn play with them và answer all their questions, because I know it matters for them. I bởi vì not want lớn say that I do not enjoy my time with them–quite the contrary, it’s great. But it’s not really a leisure time. Anyway, that’s life, I enjoy my role of a father, & so far I’ve managed to vì a good job both as an employee và a family man. I hope to lớn continue in the same trend in your company, if you hire me, of course.

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In my không tính tiền time, & especially on weekends, I enjoy socializing. Going out for a cup of coffee or for some healthy snack, meeting friends. My work is a sort of a lonely ride, and when I am not working I try to 3d for the time I spend alone. But it’s not only about drinking or having fun. I also try lớn help my friends, with whatever they need. Someone builds a house, another one needs a help with his oto repair, & so on. I bởi vì what I can.Sports are my greatest passion. When I have some không tính tiền time, I take a bicycle và go for a ride, or hit the swimming pool và spend an hour in the water. I try khổng lồ have a healthy lifestyle. Considering how much time we spend sitting in work, I try lớn move as much I can while I am not working. It’s my way of staying healthy, & so far it’s been working great.This really depends on my mood & energy levels. On some days I feel great và try to organize something for friends, or I work in the garden, or just walk around enjoying the sunshine. On some other days, however, I am tiered. That’s the time to just listen lớn some music, or watch a documentary movie on my laptop, or even sleep… The three activities that I most enjoy in my miễn phí time though gardening, socializing, và sleeping.

Your outside of work activities can help you connect with your interviewers

Hiring managers & recruiters are people, just lượt thích you or me. They also have their hobbies và activities they enjoy doing in their leisure time.

And just lượt thích everyone else, they enjoy spending time with people who think on the same wavelength, và perhaps mô tả the same passion for something (be it art, sports, anything).

Before you interview for a job, try lớn check their LinkedIn profiles or even Facebook profiles online. Kiểm tra the professional groups they belong to, stuff they post about. This should give you an idea of the activities they enjoy doing in their leisure time. & if you cốt truyện any passion with them, mention it when they inquire about your leisure time activities. Shared passion can be a bridge you can walk across to win them over, and to subsequently win your new job contract.

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Active lifestyle will always win you some extra points

Employers know the statistics, và the Achilles heel of today’s average worker. People are sick ever more often. We struggle with energy levels, và without a cup of coffee in the morning many of us wouldn’t even be able to leave the house… We battle with illnesses & addictions.

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If you devote yourself lớn any activities that promote good health–walking, nguồn hiking, running, cycling, yoga, meditation, và other, you should definitely mention it in your interview. Even if you are just starting (or perhaps you only went for your first run yesterday), you should still mention it.

Companies prefer khổng lồ hire people with high energy levels, people who won’t be sick every other week. Ensure them that you vì chưng what you can to lớn stay healthy.


Learning never stops for the best in any field

Another leisure time activity that will impress the interviewers is learning. World evolves quickly (actually the pace is quite crazy). A giải pháp công nghệ or an information that made wonders for us a year ago may fail to deliver any results today. People who never stop learning (and enjoy the process) are the best employees.

Now, this doesn’t mean that you have to enroll in ten online courses, or read five new books each month. It’s just about saying that perhaps you enjoy checking industry news in your leisure time, or sometimes travel lớn a conference or watch a documentary on weekends, or anything. Your attitude matters for the interviewers. If they see that you enjoy learning new things in your leisure time, you will win some extra points for your interview answer.

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Having no spare time is also fine (and a sad reality of many of us :))

If you have a family, or care for someone else after work (your elderly mother, for example), or even have another job (part time waiter in a restaurant, for example), you can calmly say to lớn you bởi vì not have any leisure time, as long as you explain why.

Once you show them that you are a responsible mother or father, or son, or that you have your goals (or debts) và do not mind working extra hours each day khổng lồ make some extra cash, you present yourself as an responsible individual, someone they would be able khổng lồ rely on. And that’s important for each employer…

Conclusion, sample answers to more difficult interview questions

Each interview answer is important. The activities that we enjoy doing in our free time tell a lot about our personality, và attitude khổng lồ other people, work, & life.

Try to show them that you aren’t bored from life, that you do not live only lớn work. You enjoy your spare time, vì chưng something for your health, some passion still burns within you, at least for some activities.

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Last but not least, if you identify a hobby you nói qua with your interviewer, talk about it in an interview. It can help you to lớn connect with them on a rather personal level, & such connection is priceless for your eventual success in the interview…

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