Essay on my hobby reading books


Talk about your favorite hobby” (Nói về sở thích của bạn) là một trong những chủ đề thân quen thuộc trong tiếng anh giao tiếp, đặc biệt thường thấy trong Part 1/ Part 2 của IELTS Speaking. Làm nạm nào để trình bày một cách tuyệt vời sở phù hợp của bao gồm mình? Hôm nay, xin chia sẻ một vài ba mẹo (bao gồm từ vựng với cấu trúc) giúp một số bạn nói theo cách khác lưu loát, lạc quan về chủ đề này. Chúng ta đã chuẩn bị chưa? họ cùng bắt đầu khám phá nhé!

1. Bố cục tổng quan bài Talk about your hobby – IELTS Speaking

Khi trình bày một bài bác Talk About Your Hobbies nói riêng và những bài nói không giống nói chung, bạn phải khái quát những ý chính tương đối đầy đủ trong đầu cũng như là bố cục bài nói yêu cầu mạch lạc, đầy đủ. Y hệt như một bài nói thông thường, các bạn phải trình bày đủ 3 phần như sau:

Phần 1: Mở bài – ra mắt khái quát tháo về sở thích của bạn dạng thân.Phần 2: Thân bài xích – miêu tả chi huyết về sở thích, những hoạt xung quanh sở thích của bản thân.Phần 3: Kết bài bác – nắm tắt/ tóm lược lại các ý thiết yếu trong bài.

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2. Một số trong những từ vựng chủ đề Talk about your favorite hobby

Talk about your favorite hobby

5.1. Bài mẫu Talk about your hobby – Listening to lớn music

Listening lớn music has always been my go khổng lồ activity for all occasions. My love for music can be traced back to when I was a child. There are recorded videos of me as a child becoming hyperactive whenever music was played. I would run lớn the stereo, turn on the music to full volume and start running around dancing. Anyone who dared touch the sound system would face my wrath. Music was the only thing that could calm me down whenever I cried.

I always have this weird feeling that my destiny is somehow intertwined with music. In my early teenage years, my girlfriends và I would sneak into the garage, where my brother và his band mates kept their musical equipment. Then, we would pluck guitar strings & knock the drums in an effort to lớn compose our favorite songs. I was the lead singer by the way.

Unfortunately for my brother & I, nothing much came out of the practice. It was not just me và my brother, music runs in the whole family. I remember vividly on Friday nights, we used to bởi karaoke sessions where everyone took turns khổng lồ sing a song, including our parents. We had these sessions recorded and then sent lớn our neighbors for analysis.

The winner would get a prize, bought from our individual savings. We saved money on a weekly basis purely for the competition. Needless to say, we were the creepy neighbors next door, but that did not stop me from claiming most of the prizes. Eventually, we outgrew the karaoke sessions and now, I mostly bởi the listening rather than the singing.

Music gives me the needed refuge whenever I feel like my head is spinning & I just want lớn shut out everything around me. The good thing about music is that there is music for every occasion và feeling. Whenever I feel depressed, I listen to sad songs. They guide me và keep me company during those trying moments. Whenever I’m happy, I have a collection of các buổi tiệc nhỏ songs that I dance to lớn for hours to amplify the good feeling. The beauty of music is that it can be incorporated with other hobbies. For instance, I love reading a good book, as nice orchestra music is playing in the background.

Another good thing about music is that it is universal. You bởi not have to understand what the musician is saying for you enjoy it. If it makes you feel good, then it is worth listening lớn it. I’m naturally open minded when it comes to lớn music. I have an extensive collection of music that transcends across many genres all over the globe. It wouldn’t come as a surprise therefore khổng lồ find several African songs in my phone that I really rock with and have no idea what they are talking about. However, I connect more with Country và Rock music.

5.2. Bài xích mẫu Talk about your hobby – Traveling

Travelling is one of those few activities that has a kind of reset button in our lives. You go away for a few days or weeks and come back fresh và ready khổng lồ take on challenges of life head on. Travelling khổng lồ many people is a matter of convenience, rather than a recreation activity. They only travel when they have an issue to attend to. Travelling is also not for escapists, as many people tend khổng lồ believe. I used the word ‘escapists’ not in the literary sense of the word, but rather to mean people who run away from their problems. Travelling is a hobby like any other.

Most people vày not understand how moving from one place to lớn another can be categorized together with fun activities lượt thích watching movies, swimming, dancing or drawing. While it has more challenges than other hobbies, it is more adventurous và brings the same cấp độ of satisfaction or more for those who love it.

Travelling has always been part of our family tradition. My parents taught us from an early age the value of taking vacations at least once a year. Though they wished we could go for many trips annually, we were not well off financially and my parents had to work creatively with the little they had, sometimes saving the whole year for a single trip.

We could have used credit cards, but that would have only plunged us into more financial woes. My father was very strict when it came to finances & he cautioned us against using debt khổng lồ purchase luxuries. If we wanted something, then it was up khổng lồ us to find creative và legal ways of making money to lớn purchase it.

Although we didn’t have much, money was never an excuse for him. My parents found creative ways khổng lồ work within the budget. For instance, we would drive to our destination instead of flying and we would carry my mom’s homemade meals. Rarely did we use credit cards và if we did, it was a matter of life and death. Therefore, most of our vacations were during the December holidays. Those were the best days of my life. They were also the days that our family bonds were strengthened. We would fight & quarrel, but in the kết thúc we always came back together & worked things out.

From those trips, we learnt more about life than the years we spent at home. What I have just stated may seem farfetched to lớn a person who does not travel much, considering the brevity of vacations, but the reality is vacations never go as planned. Vacations are far from the normal life routines of waking up in the morning, going to lớn work/school and coming back trang chủ in the evening. In vacations, there are many risks involved. You are in a foreign land with new people and culture. You have khổng lồ work with the little funds you have to make the trip as entertaining as possible, but with some màn chơi of constraint, so that your family is not stranded.

The beauty of travelling is that you can never really outgrow it. I still bởi vì vacations as an adult, although my reasons may be slightly different from my parents. Apart from the obvious reason of having a good time và distracting my mind from the daily hassles, vacations release ‘creative juices’ in me. Working as a writer, I tend to feel burnt out living in the same environment for too long. Sometimes, I need a change of scenery for my artistry to see the light of day. It is a known fact in the literary world that most of the best writers had their best ideas in foreign lands.

I occasionally go for vacations for the sole reason of learning different cultures & interacting with different people to get ideas for my literary work. Furthermore, being away from home really makes you appreciate it even more. The feeling you get after a vacation when you settle down on your couch and just relax is priceless. Travelling makes you appreciate people, their cultures và above all, it makes you appreciate your life and the little you have.

5.3. Bài mẫu Talk about your hobby – Reading book

I’m passionate about reading. Although I have several hobbies, such as watching movies & hiking, reading books is what resonates well with me. There are many reasons why I love reading. The first reason is it gives me a level of fulfillment. That is, books rejuvenate me. After reading a book, I feel like a whole new being & my outlook in life changes.

The second reason is books make my mind sharp. It is a known fact that books improve our brain muscles. They make us think better và improve our decision making abilities. I find it funny that whenever I utter a clever quote from a book, everyone around me would be dumbfounded.

Furthermore, books are very wide & detailed. It seems lượt thích there is a book for anything you can think of. If you want religious books, there is the Bible, the Quran & other spiritual books. There are financial books, inspirational books, cooking books, business-related books, biographies, fictional and non-fictional- the list is endless. Reading is actually among the few hobbies that you learn while doing it.

Due khổng lồ my widely acquired knowledge from books, I find it easy lớn jumpstart a conversation with a stranger. I realized that people are more responsive when you engage them in topics they are familiar with. This is where I have an upper hand over other people, because I’m quite knowledgeable in many sphere of life thanks khổng lồ books.

While most people find reading an upheaval task, reading to lớn me is like a calling. It just comes naturally to me. I have made it my culture to lớn read at least a chapter before I hit the sack. Sometimes I read late into the night, especially during the weekends & I only stop when my head becomes too drowsy to lớn continue. My reading culture is further heightened by my introversion.

Most of my ‘me-time’ is actually spent on reading. This is how I get my energy back. The outside can be too overwhelming for some of us. Whenever I feel like my energy has been milked dry by the outside world, I just take a few hours of reading to lớn rekindle my spirits again.

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5.4. Bài bác mẫu Talk about your hobby – Running

Today I am going khổng lồ talk about a hobby I particularly enjoy when I am at home in the UK. I will tell you what the hobby is; how long I have been doing it; who I bởi it with và why it is important khổng lồ me.

My hobby is running! I know I bởi not really look like a runner, & it is true I am not very fast, but this is still the activity that I lượt thích to bởi in my spare time.

I have not been running for very long. I started running just 18 months ago, as I decided I needed to get fit, & I thought it would be a cheap way lớn exercise. I did not expect to enjoy myself. Near to where I live, there is a park. It is very beautiful with trees and streams. Each Saturday a large group of about 500 people meet at 9.00 a.m. In the morning và go for a 5 km run together. This event is called Parkrun, & it happens in over 300 different places in the UK each week.

I was nervous when I first went but found the group was friendly và encouraging. Now I go every week, & I even have trained for some longer races 10 km & my longest was 20 k.m.!

I have made lots of friends through running. However, the best surprise was that when I went to lớn my local Parkrun, I met someone I had not seen for over 30 years! We had been at school together but did not keep in touch. We had both moved khổng lồ the new đô thị of Sheffield & did not realise we lived so close lớn each other. Now I run with this friend every week, and we go for breakfast each Saturday after our run.

Running is important lớn me because it keeps me fit, has helped me make new friends, và it has shown me that I am not too old lớn try new things! I hope you all find activities that you enjoy doing in your spare time!

5.5. Bài xích mẫu Talk about your hobby – Going khổng lồ the Gym

Let me tell you about a pastime activity that I enjoy the most.

It is going lớn the gym which I have been doing for 2 years. I started it because I have a friend who is a professional gymmer. It was him whoencouragedme lớn try it & thanksto him I can have a nice body toàn thân like now.

I always reach the gym near my office everyday after work because it is the time I am không tính phí and also the time I need tounwindafter stressful hours at work. However, on Sunday, I take a day off because my body toàn thân needs to rest, & mymusclesneed khổng lồ recover fromintense practice.

In terms of the benefit, I receive from this hobby, I would say it is the best way khổng lồ gaina well-shaped body. Besides, it gives me a chance toenhancemy physical health as well as to avoid some mental issues likedepressionorstress.

There are even more reasons for me to lớn love this pastime activity. Firstly, for sure it gives me good physical health và a nice body. Secondly, at the gym, I have an opportunity to make friends with those who cốt truyện the samecup of teawith me, who come fromdifferent backgroundsand social classes. Third, since Itook upthe gym, mymental healthhas been more stable, và I see life on a more positive side.

Those are the reasons why I choose working out at the gym as my hobby. I hope I will still have apassionfor it for a long time.

5.6. Bài mẫu Talk about your hobby – Playing đoạn phim game

In my không tính phí time, I likeplaying đoạn phim gameson my PS4. I started this hobby three years ago when my dad gave me a PS4 as my 18th birthday present. It is one of the best gifts I have ever received, & I play it almost every day because it is a great form of entertainment và helps me lớn boost my mood. However, my parents only let me use it after I finish all my homework & I can’t play more than 2 hours a day.

I am a shy person & I have trouble fitting in và making friends in real life. Therefore, đoạn phim games can be a refuge for me khổng lồ find people lớn connect with in a positive way. They also give me something khổng lồ talk about at school as games are a mainstream topic of conversation.

In addition, playing đoạn clip games is very interesting because at the heart of every đoạn phim game is a challenge. Some games offer me the chance lớn take on a problem and work to find a solution, such as “The last two of us”, và I believe learning lớn think on my feet & strategize in a fast-paced fantasy environment is a useful skill that can translate lớn the real world. With clip games, I either win or I keep trying, learning from my mistakes as I progress until reaching the goal, which makes me become a more persistent person.

5.7. Bài bác mẫu Talk about your hobby – Cooking

Some people may think cooking is just a daily chore khổng lồ make meals, but for me, cooking is the best hobby lớn have, because it can be very useful in life. It’s highly likely that the food you create in your kitchen will be much healthier than the processed foods you find in supermarkets. Likewise, you can ensure that it’s lower in calories và more nutritious than the meals served up in restaurants và fast food outlets.

Cooking the perfect meal is going to lớn bring a smile lớn my face. Sometimes I could be in the foulest of moods beforehand, but once I taste my food and see the reactions of my loved ones eating it, my frown will be turned upside-down. I believe cooking a homemade meal for our loved ones can provide us with a great feeling of accomplishment.

Aside from health benefits, cooking is also a great way khổng lồ explore other cultures. Trying new foods from different cultures can lead us lớn find new favourite dishes, but it can also lead us lớn a deeper appreciation of the culture and the people. Therefore, I feel lượt thích I can expand my horizons and taste the world from the comfort of my own kitchen. Cooking can also be meditative & relaxing when we take our time and really get into it.

5.8. Bài xích mẫu Talk about your hobby – Playing a musical instrument

Today I would lượt thích to talk aboutplaying a musical instrument– a great hobby to lớn have. I started playing the piano when I was five years old và still really enjoy it now: it’s a perfect way to relax & cheers me up when I’m feeling down. When I lived at trang chủ with my parents, we had a lovely reddish-brown piano in the house, & I had piano lessons every week.

When I was studying or writing an essay, I used lớn take a break to lớn play something energetically. It really helped me feel better. In addition, I believe I could develop a lot of skills while playing the piano, such as multitasking. This is because I had lớn focus on rhythm and tempo, pitch & volume, melody, and harmony all at once. At the same time, I was also focusing on finger positions, body posture, and more.

However, when I went khổng lồ university, I had to leave my family, my trang chủ and my piano behind. I wish that pianos were as portable as guitars & trumpets because I really miss spending time on my hobby. I still listen to a lot of classical music by my favorite composers lượt thích Beethoven and Chopin. I find that, especially when I’m listening to lớn a tune that I can play, I feel nostalgic for the piano keyboard. You can really get attached lớn a musical instrument because playing music involves lots of emotion.

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